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1L Blogging with K/1L from Merrylands East Public School

As part of our Thursday Minecraft literacy project this week students from 1L responded to a blog post from Asma, a student at Merrylands East Public School who has just started blogging with her K/1L class and teacher Mr Lee Hewes. They are also mad about Minecraft 🙂 Firstly, Mrs Booth spoke about blogs and the class explored what their purpose was. Students’ then looked at our school blog to view all the visitors and countries where the visitors came from. The children were fascinated with all the different flags. Then a discussion about why it is important to publish our best work on a public blog ensued. Next, the class looked at K/L MEPS KOALAS Weebly (a brand of website) and clicked on the link to the Bodacious Bloggers. Student Asma had written a post titled Why I like Minecraft and 1L student pairs responded using quality commenting skills. Once they had written and had their comments checked they were able to submit them for moderation from Mr Hewes. Finally, the student pairs then went on to their class minecraft building project. It was an excellent literacy session and next week student pairs will be responding using their new quality commenting skills to more posts from the fantastic K/1L students at Merrylands East P.S. 🙂

Mrs Booth, Ms Leeson and Ms Jacobson 🙂 🙂 🙂

One Response to 1L Blogging with K/1L from Merrylands East Public School

  1. Students from 1L says:

    Thank you Mrs Booth for making a video about our lesson. We liked the music you used for the video. We can’t wait to learn more about blogging.
    From everyone in 1L.

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