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Virtual Rainforest Project: MinecraftEdu/Sim-on-a-Stick

Coffs Harbour Public School uses virtual world technology in many of its learning areas. This term all stage 3 and some stage 2 students are studying the HSIE unit ‘Rainforests’. Part of the requirements of this unit is going to be completed using Sim-on-a-Stick (virtual world on a USB) and MinecraftEdu. The project outline is:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of Australian rainforests through creation of a simulated Australian rainforest and presentation treehouse. eg the Daintree using virtual world technology (Sim-on-a-Stick/MinecraftEdu). Students research information on traditional land owners/Indigenous peoples, rainfall, location, human impact, dangers i.e., species extinction, and geographical features and demonstrate understanding using virtual notecards and scripting. Students will include in their simulation insects, reptiles, birds, plants, frogs and fish, an ecosystem display board and other flora and fauna specific to the area using a range of sources and display these in their tree house and specific locations within their rainforest. Students will also simulate emergent growth, canopy, understorey and forest floor. Student pairs will present their builds in Week 9.

This is the first time MinecraftEdu is being used at Coffs Harbour P.S. and with the engagement displayed today in Miss Callinan’s class this project should allow the students to really engage with the task. MinecraftEdu has been developed by Finnish and American teachers with Mojang (the creator’s of Minecraft) and contains some fantastic tools specifically targeted for the classroom teacher and student. Mrs Booth and Miss Callinan love the ‘freeze students’  button!  Here is a hyperlink for further information about minecraft in education 🙂

Mrs Booth

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