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CHPS students speak at Southern Cross University

Students Teira, Sharlah, Wakjira and Luke travelled to Southern Cross University to speak at a lecture Mrs Booth was giving. The lecture focused on virtual world technology and how it was being used at Coffs Harbour Public School (CHPS) so successfully. It was also being recorded and beamed to two other campuses in Lismore and the Gold Coast.  There were many pre-service teachers in the audience and the students’ had prepared speeches about their individual experiences with Sim-on-a-Stick,  the platform we use at the school to access our virtual world technology. Wow! What amazing ambassadors these students were and how well they spoke, bringing tears to some of the audience. Mrs Booth was extremely proud of all of them and the courtesy and manners they displayed to other lecturers, tutors and university students on campus was exemplar. Afterwards the students’ toured the campus with the library and Co-op book store being the most popular before finishing off in the main office selecting university brochures. Sharlah was especially interested in science and made sure she took a brochure on every science degree offered at SCU! Teira chose one on education…good choice Teira 🙂 Luke and Wakjira are interested in Zoology.

What a wonderful morning.

Mrs Booth

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