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Virtual Building Tips & Resources

This page will provide you with some building tips for your virtual simulation projects.

When designing your build it is good to bring your floor plan in world as shown here. Mrs Booth and Ms Jacka were with Amanda from Top Dingo (a virtual world professional design company) helping her with her design/build of a child care centre for Southern Cross University.











Excellent *how to* video tutorials from Mission V

Fabulous guide to prim twisting by Ayumi Cassini
Guide to Prim Twisting

Simple script creator: Script Me!  This is an excellent link to create simple scripts for your object. Create your script and copy it, then go to the contents tab of your virtual object and click on *new script* paste the copied script there and save. All done. You can view the excellent video tutorial from Mission V that shows you how to do this here: Tutorial No 12-Using A Script Generator

Here are some built creations that you can upload onto your sim. You just select your resource, download it to your computer and extract the zipped file to the *bin* folder in your sim-on-a-stick file. Then click on ‘Upload and Import’ in your Imprudence viewer find the resource you want to import and click on it; it will rez onto your sim initially appearing as two prims (cubes). Don’t forget to save a copy into your inventory straight away AND  name it so you don’t end up with a long list of saved primitives (objects) that have no name!  A huge thank you to Linda Kellie, Gabriella and Cassandra (Lisa Sim) and Ener Hax for making these resources freely available for all students 🙂 This page will be updated as suitable resource builds are made available. Students who give permission may have their builds uploaded here also to make available for free share.

Male and female child avatars – Note uploading this file flattens one of your 4 regions (islands) which I found to be a bonus as this became the work region for my students and the remaining 3 islands their *free time* space.
Where to extract zipped files  into the sim-on-a-stick *bin* folder.














IAR Files: IAR files are Inventory Archives. You can download the IAR files you need and send them right to your own inventory though your region console (the black window with all the computer writing)

1. Download the file of your choice. It is in zipped format.
2. Unzip it and put the .iar file into the bin folder of your sim-on-a-stick file.
3. Log your avatar into that region.
4. This is an important step: In your inventory create a folder called iar-imports (or name it anything you want but this is the name I will be using in the example)
5. Now you are ready to import the iar you unzipped and is now in your bin folder. Open the console and make sure it is changed to the region that you are standing on.
6. In your console type in load iar YourFirstName YourLastName iar-imports YourAvatarPassword filename.iar and hit enter.
7. Wait and soon it will show up in your iar-imports folder.


How to make a bench in soas. Thanks Adventures in Lisa Sim for the tutorial

Creating a multi-user:
Sim-on-a-Stick Multi-User Instructions

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