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 Pandora Animals and Plants

We watched a short snippet of the Pandora Movie. We discussed the vocabulary and language used to describe the creatures and plants on the Planet. We then invented our own plants and animals using some of the new vocabulary we learnt. We wrote in the style of the narrator on the movie.

For the plants names we investigated ‘Latin botanical names’. We named our plants according to what they looked like, where they lived, using the Latin names we found.

We hope you like them, from 6B


Art inspiration in KD

Take a look at this wonderful video of the recent art adventure KD has been on.



Getting a taste for Science-Fiction

5M have been studying a sci-fi unit called ‘Pandora’. The unit is based on James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ film. The students have created their own creatures that could survive in a world like Pandora. They are now in the process of writing a narrative about meeting their own creature in the wilderness on Pandora. Here are some of their creatures.


Leadership Legends

A lucky 20 Coffs Harbour Public School students got to attend the annual GRIP Leadership conference at the Coffs Harbour Racing Club recently. An excellent day was had by all and lots of new friends were made. The involvement level of all students was great, with 4 of our students starring on the stage. They learnt what qualities a leader needs, how to encourage others to be leaders, how leadership is like a ‘strawberry’ and how we can all be leaders even if we don’t wear a badge that says so! A big thanks to Ms Leeson, Mrs Newton and Ms Wilfert.



CHPS Chess

Recently a team of four students represented CHPS at the Primary Schools Chess Competition at Bishop Druitt College. Each student played exceptionally well and demonstrated great teamwork and sportsmanship. Due to their efforts they achieved 2nd place in their division.

Congratulations Ahmed, Jai, Ian and Nico!



Healthy Habits

The students in Mrs Snodgrass and Miss Bullen’s classes have had lots of fun learning about being healthy and staying healthy. They have looked at ‘safe sneezing’, ‘safe coughing’, washing our bodies and hair, cleaning our teeth, wearing the right clothes for the weather and eating healthy – not too may lollies and sweets!
To showcase what we have discovered and are practising we will be presenting at the assembly to the fantastic song – Mr Clicketty Cane!


Invitation to Robotics Workshop

3 lucky Coffs Harbour Public School students were invited to attend a recent FIRST Australia Robotics Workshop on Saturday at the Coffs Harbour C.Ex Club. Bruce, Nico and Samaneh wrote a submission on what sort of robot they wanted to build and were successful in being selected as well as other local students. By all reports, Bruce, Nico and Samaneh had a wonderful time and were excited to have the opportunity to play with some exciting technology and work as part of a team. What a fantastic experience for them. If you look closely at this NBN News report you may see some familiar faces!



K-1B News

K-1B students have enjoyed visiting TAFE to participate in a range of individualised structured play activities. During our TAFE visits students are able to explore and take turns in many different sensory, motor and practical tasks such as cooking. We are so excited about our upcoming assembly performance “Happy and You Know It” on Thursday 21st June at 2.30pm. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


The wonder of KG…

The students in KG are extremely lucky to have the talented Mrs Grimston as their teacher. She is trained in sign language and has been teaching her class to sign to their morning song. The students love learning sign language and are doing a beautiful job. Here is a glimpse of their progress…keep it up KG!!


1M Risk-Takers

Take a look at the students in 1M using their creativity, flexibility and risk-taking skills in designing and making their inventions inspired by Rosie Revere Engineer!

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