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Courtesy & Honour – Principal:Leonie Buehler


Brainstorm Production – The H Team

K-6 students that attended the wonderful Brainstorm Production yesterday afternoon were all smiles!!! The H Team were wonderfully entertaining and passed on a lot of valuable information to our students.

The H Team: A unique anti-bullying program for schools that gives teachers and students the knowledge, confidence and resilience to help combat negative feelings and behaviours. This exciting adventure story fosters teamwork, critical thinking skills, self-discipline, physical fitness and highlights the power of the bystander. Unhealthy competition about body shape, brand name clothes, toys and gadgets can cause division in the playground and online. Some children feel embarrassed and alienated and others use their power to tease and intimidate. The H Team inspires this generation of children to outsmart the media, the junk food giants, the advertising gurus and the bullies to create a healthy harmonious school community.


Responsible Pet Education Program

On Friday K-2 students had a special visit from Gina and her pet dog Cruze from the ‘Responsible Pet Education Program’. Students learnt how to be safe around dogs and how to say hello to dogs that are with their owners. There was lots of very important information, role plays, singing and even some dancing! Cruze loved meeting all of the happy and friendly students in K-2.


Minecraft Club

I’ve designed and built an English Minecraft maze for year 1 students at our school.

It has their sight words throughout the maze where they have to choose the correct spelling. The students that have used the maze thought it was lots of fun!!

I’m hoping it will help them with their spelling.

By Jaylee


“Gotta Keep Reading” by 2L

2L wanted to share their love of reading with everyone!!


Easter Hat Parade

The children and staff had a wonderful time at the Easter Hat Parade last week. It was fantastic to see so many families come and join in the fun. Excitement filled the air especially when our special guest arrived…..yes the Easter Bunny hopped on in for a special visit!!!!


Camp Quality Puppet Show

On Thursday the 17th March Coffs Harbour Public School hosted the Camp Quality puppet show. The travelling puppet show for primary schools answers all the difficult questions kids have about cancer, dispels common myths and teaches students how to be supportive and understanding of kids living with cancer – all of which prevents bullying and exclusion. It was a great performance that had the children engaged, laughing and most importantly learning how to be a good friend.


Stage 1 Skipping

As part of our Live Life Well initiative Stage 1 students have been participating in daily skipping. The students are thoroughly enjoying getting fit whilst having fun at the same time. Look at them go!!!


Jetty Joy

3/4O has been working extremely hard to get their entry ready for the Park Beach Plaza recycled sculpture competition.

We decided on the Jetty as it is significant to us all and it is a well-known local icon. We researched its structure and listed all the possible recyclables we could use. We then began collecting, planning, painting & gluing. We used cylinder rolls, cardboard, ice block sticks, kebab skewers, bottle tops and pipe cleaners. Everyone in the class has contributed to this AMAZING artwork! The first 3 place winners will share in $10,000 and 2CSFM will broadcast a ‘live’ breakfast show from the winning school.


You can vote daily either on the Park Beach Plaza website or by downloading the Advantage+ App. Remember every time you vote you also go into a draw for $1000 to spend at Park Beach Plaza. Voting closes on the 31st March, 2016.

We thank you in advance for your support!
By 3/4O


Electronic Sign

On Friday we had a new electronic sign installed on Harbour Drive. The sign will be continually updated for our school community with new and exciting events!!


Live Life Well @ School

Live Life Well @ School is a joint initiative between the NSW Department of Education and NSW Ministry of Health. Live Life Well @ School assists schools to:

– develop whole school strategies that support physical activity and healthy eating
– foster community partnerships that promote and support whole school strategies
– provide opportunities for more students to be more active, more often
– improve the teaching of nutrition and physical education through a focus on PDHPE programs

Coffs Harbour Public School is proud to be part of such a fantastic initiative.

Parents and children can get involved at home by using some of the following great ideas:

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