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Lovely Limericks

Earlier in the term 2M were learning about poetry and how to write limericks. Each student wrote their own limerick.
Here are some of them:
There once was a boy named Will,
he ran very fast up a hill,
he saw a big duck,
that was driving a truck
and he drove it down to the windmill.
Will H
There was a girl named Lola,
She liked to drink lots of cola,
she sat in a tree
and along came a flea
and together they ate some granola.
Lola B
There once was a girl named Lee
she lived high up in a tree
she climbed to the top
and did a little hop
and yelled out ‘look at me’!
Bonnie R
There once was a girl named Millie
she had an aunty she called aunty Billy
they ate a big bun
and had lots of fun
and now they call her Millie who’s silly.
Millie H
This week we have also been learning about descriptive writing. Here are some of our published pieces.

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