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Paper Constructions

2A have been revising the seven thinking dispositions as a part of their learning about the story ‘Clancy and Millie and the very fine House’, by Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood. After reading the story students wrote about the ways in which Clancy and Millie applied some of the thinking dispositions while constructing their ‘very fine house’ out of old packing boxes.

Brooklyn wrote “Clancy and Millie were flexible when their plan didn’t work. They tried new ideas to see if they could fix the building”.

Jhou Pei Ni wrote “They were patient and persistent because it took a long time to build their house. They didn’t give up they just kept on going.”

Faith wrote “Clancy was resourceful when he couldn’t find anything to play with. He played with the cardboard boxes around him.”

Students were then presented with a challenge to see if they could construct their own ‘very fine house’ using only paper. No staplers, sticky tape, glue or other materials were allowed. The students were very patient and persistent, open-minded, resourceful and creative as they built their ‘very fine houses’.

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