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Attendance Information for Parents


  • School attendance is compulsory for students aged 6-17 years.
  • Regular attendance is extremely important if children are to gain the maximum benefits of school.
  • Be positive about your child’s school and teachers. Make supportive comments about school activities and school rules. If parents are positive, it is likely the child will share the same attitude.
  • Encourage attendance at all times. A child will value education if the parent does.
  • Offer praise for regular attendance.
  • Your child should attend school every day possible. Birthdays are not an acceptable reason for being away.
  • If your child does miss a day of school please provide an explanation note or phone call as soon as possible, you have seven days to provide an explanation.
  • If you are having problems getting your child to school ask the school for help.

Students  have a good start to the day when they:

  • arrive on time
  • have a good night sleep
  • have plenty of time set aside to get ready in the morning
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • are organised for the day


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