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Want to join the War on Waste?

Want to join in on the War on Waste? Register now for our Food Smart program 

Did you know that the average household throws away $3,800 per household of perfectly good food each year – what would you do with an extra $3,800?

We don’t intend to, but we often waste good food because we buy too much, cook too much, or don’t store food correctly. Food Smart is a free education program that helps households reduce food waste at home, save money and help the environment.

Help us avoid creating this waste problem in the first place, by taking part in the Food Smart program!

Food Smart involves families registering at then:

Day 1: Complete an online survey

Day 7: First food waste study – receive email about conducting first food waste study and complete survey

Day 14: Receive email about using your FREE Food Smart Kit

Day 21: Receive email about conducting second food waste study and complete survey

Day 30: Receive Thanks for being part of Food Smart email and go in the draw for a beautiful Oz Harvest cook book!

We are partnering with MIDWASTE and the EPA to actively participate in Food Smart and join in the War on Waste!

Register now at

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