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3W Diaramas

3W have done a lot of work on information texts and really loved the book Platypus by Sue Whiting and Mark Jackson. From the information that was gathered through a variety of reading and writing activities, 3W were able to create wonderful diaramas using recycled materials that reflect a platypus’ habitat.

The students loved it and hope you do to!

2 Responses to 3W Diaramas

  1. Sue Whiting says:

    Hello 3W! These dioramas are awesome!!! What a clever and creative bunch you are. I am so glad that my book gave you some inspiration.
    Yours in story.
    Sue Whiting

  2. Joleene Ware says:

    Hi Sue Whiting,

    Thank you for commenting on our dioramas. Your book inspired us so much! Your book was really interesting and awesome because we loved that you had a story and information about platypus’ in one book! We look forward to reading more of your books!

    From Mrs Ware, Bella, Amelia, Amalie, Hope, Hayley, Kylandos, Logan, Kaylem, Jess, Artie, Neisha, Melissa, Gabriella, Melody, Khiarni, Meleah, Mia, Patrick, Amin, Jawaho, Harry, Eli and Tyreek.

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