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Minecraft and Virtual World Mathematics

The Framing Paper Consultation Report: Mathematics (ACARA, 2009, p. 9) states that “new and emerging technologies provide not just new tools for doing mathematics but also new possibilities for pedagogical approaches.”

NSW Maths Syllabus – MS2.1 Estimates, measures, and records lengths, distances and perimeters in metres, centimetres and millimetres.

3/4H and Mrs Booth have been working on a mathematics activity connected to length and scale on Wednesday. Using the Minecraft Pocket Edition app for iPad students needed to estimate, measure and record the perimeter of the school library. Using a trundle wheel the perimeter was measured and  the students commenced building the library using the scale of 2 blocks = 1 metre. After they had built the perimeter wall the students commenced adding doors, windows, tables, bookshelves, the IWB, ceiling fans and even made sure that they used the correct carpet resource blocks. They needed to estimate the size of each object as they were building, and try to remain as close to the real school library design as possible. Minecraft uses the metric system and each block is equivalent to 1 cubic metre. The students also learnt that the default player, named Steve, is approximately 1.79 metres tall or 5 feet 10 inches (Mrs Booth initially thought he was 2 metres tall). The students then wanted to know which of them would nearly be as tall as Steve if they stood on a chair. Initially estimating and then using a metre ruler the students were measured and it was decided that Ngaarruu was the closest measuring 1.75 m.  It was a great lesson and the students returned for the following two lunchtimes to work on their builds which should be finished in next weeks final lesson. Excellent work 3/4H.

On Thursday 3P used the school virtual world platform Sim-on-a-Stick to continue working on their maths tasks. This was very challenging as each group only has a short time and had missed some lessons due to the school server change over and having to use Minecraft on the iPad instead.  It was excellent to see students working mathematically by helping each other and Sharlah was a wonderful teacher as she sat and worked with another student to solve a problem. Even Mr Pike is getting the hang of it! 🙂

Minecraft and Virtual World Maths:

Mrs Booth

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  1. Ms hayes says:

    Great work stage 2 and Mrs Booth. Your work is impressive.

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