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3D Rocket Building

April 10, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education

Students in 3M and 3-O again worked with virtual world technology during their maths session today. This time their challenge was to flip and rotate 3D objects to create a rocket ship. This was very difficult as they also had to learn how to ‘snap objects to the grid’ in order to align their objects with greater precision. I did not expect any students to complete this task as this was only the second or third time they had been exposed to this technology. Wow, was I proved wrong as a number of students did complete the task with amazing precision. Excellent work everyone :)

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Great Barrier Reef Unit 3/4H

April 3, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education

3/4H this term have been studying the Great Barrier Reef. They have been making a reef on their back wall. They received a letter from the Australian Coral Reef society and have been given a chance to work in the under water sea lab. This is what happened next:

  • They researched the Great Barrier Reef
  • Applied for a job e.g biologist, botanist, scientist, research diver, tour guide, chef and vet just to name a few.
  • Drew an under water sea lab.
  • Researched clown fish,whale sharks,white and black tipped reef sharks, sea anemone , sea horses, stone-fish, cone fish, box jellyfish.
  • Made up characters for the under water sea lab.
  • Wrote information reports and persuasive texts on why it’s important to save the reef.

The class have enjoyed working on this unit and have had fun on the way.

We hope enjoy our work!

Click on our e-book information reports!
Barracuda DugongsSeahorse

Indi :) Kai :) Saxon :) Amalie :) Levi :) Jaylee :)

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Shelters by 2B

March 27, 2014 by · No Comments · Education


2B has been learning about shelters for HSIE. We made some hermit crabs using tissue paper, paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and coloured paper. They look fancrabulous! We also made a message in a bottle because we were reading a book about a boy called William who was shipwrecked and stuck on an island.  Mrs Butler and our class learnt about platypus shelters. Platypus shelters are underground but higher than water so the eggs won’t get washed away.

Come and see our incredible class shelters.

Written by 2B

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August 6th -1945 – Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombings by 6H

March 20, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education


The Hiroshima Bombings

Dangerous and devastating
People having trouble
Full of fright
Unable to fight

Shocking and painful surroundings
Concrete hits the ground pounding
It was 1945
When the radiation filled the sky

The land is flat
From the explosive attack
If you look ahead
There are people dead

People die in unfortunate ways
They will love each other always.
Sickening wounds that never heal
Broken hearts that continue to feel.

By Blake

 6H have been viewing images from Nagasaki Journey (some are confronting and not for younger years). They discussed the impact of images on the viewer, considering features such as portrayal of people and places, colour, light and shadow, balance and unity, contrast, mood, perspective, symbolism, salience of various components, etc. They also spoke about the impact of the text slides and their effect on the viewer. Then they discussed how similar ideas could be communicated through words alone, and techniques that could be used to emphasise key ideas, eg repetition, simile and metaphor, alliteration, imagery, personification, etc. Finally, the students created a poem which communicates what the photos make them think and feel, and to encourage people to live in peace. Some of their poems have been published on their individual blogs. Others are still in draft form and will be published shortly. Click on the names to read them.









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Stage 2 Three-Dimensional Space 1

March 6, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education

Year 3 students, using virtual technology,  investigated, manipulated, transformed and even translated solid geometrical objects such as a cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, cone and triangular prism in their maths session today. Students used the  hollowed , cut paths, twisted, sheared tools whilst also learning to use the camera controls to help give them perspective when creating their objects  - the camera assisted with top view, side view and front view.

MA2-14MG makes, compares, sketches and names three-dimensional objects, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres, and describes their features
Make models of three-dimensional objects and describe key features (ACMMG063)

  • identify and name three-dimensional objects as prisms (including cubes), pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres
  • recognise and describe the use of three-dimensional objects in a variety of contexts, eg buildings, packaging (Communicating)
  • describe and compare curved surfaces and flat surfaces of cylinders, cones and spheres, and faces, edges and vertices of prisms (including cubes) and pyramids
  • describe similarities and differences between prisms (including cubes), pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres (Communicating)

Students should be able to communicate using the following language: object, two-dimensional shape (2D shape), three-dimensional object (3D object), cone, cube, cylinder, prism, pyramid, sphere, surface, flat surface, curved surface, face, edge, vertex (vertices), net.

In geometry, the term ‘face’ refers to a flat surface with only straight edges, as in prisms and pyramids, eg a cube has six faces. Curved surfaces, such as those found in cylinders, cones and spheres, are not classified as ‘faces’. Similarly, flat surfaces with curved boundaries, such as the circular surfaces of cylinders and cones, are not ‘faces’.

The term ‘shape’ refers to a two-dimensional figure. The term ‘object’ refers to a three-dimensional figure.

K-10 Stage 2 Measurement and Geometry


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6H are Digital Citizens!

March 6, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

6H, with the support of Mrs Booth have been creating individual blogs. Not only are they learning the technological skills necessary to create a blog, they are committed to being respectful and responsible digital citizens. In class we are learning about ‘Global Connections.’ Now, in the 21st century we are more connected than ever before. The children in 6H have been discussing how important it is to be mindful of what we post as we have a global audience. It is extremely important to take consideration of your audience and the purpose of your post. Not only do blogs provide a fabulous communication tool but are also a way for students to showcase their work. Please take some time to view the student blogs and comment where appropriate. A blog is like an online conversation and the students would appreciate some feedback on their great work.

All the student blogs can be found in the right hand sidebar under: CHPS Yr 6 Student Blogs

Image source- I am a Digital Citizen - Sandy Liptak- The Book Fairy-Goddess
Jodie Hayes, 6H Teacher.

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Grade 3 Virtual Maths

February 15, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education

The Framing Paper Consultation Report: Mathematics (ACARA, 2009, p. 9) states that “new and emerging technologies provide not just new tools for doing mathematics but also new possibilities for pedagogical approaches.”

Both 3M and 3-O are using our virtual world technology Sim-on-a-Stick to complete mathematical tasks based on the NSW maths syllabus substrands of Data, Measurement, Space and Geometry. Each week student groups complete tasks relating to these outcomes using a combination of both the virtual space and their work books. All grade 3 students will have access to this program and already they are extremely engaged as they navigate the tools and space. This technology encourages problem based learning and is inherently mathematical but by creating virtual workstations the tasks become more explicit in nature. Also, by having small groups the students should develop a deeper understanding of the more abstract concepts. Within 30 minutes of using the program students from 3M & 3-O were sharing their newly acquired knowledge with other students in their group and this was wonderful to see. Lots of learning happening though they thought “the game” was hard but great fun!

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4/5C Rainforest Project

January 27, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education

As part of the HSIE Global Environments Rainforest unit grade 4/5 students from Ms Callinan’s class completed part of their project using MinecraftEdu with Mrs Booth. They recreated various rainforests in pairs, building the four layers of a rainforest and providing information about these features. They presented their projects to the class in the final week of term 4, 2013. The whole rainforest was built block by block so students could gain a deeper understanding of the types of trees that populated their chosen rainforest. This project was approximately 9 x 45 minute lessons.

Ms Callinan and Mrs Booth

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2013 Year 6 Students Last Day of Primary School

January 2, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

letter C letter L Vintage Sticker Letter A Spill and Spell Dice Letter S letter S Bob and Roberta Smith Alphabet Block O f23 Wedding Table Number 2 Wooden Brick Number 0 Phase 10 Dice Blue number 1 Master Mind Number 3

Best of luck to the year six class of 2013 from all the staff at Coffs Harbour Public School as they continue their learning journey into high school!


Marshmallow Challenge!

January 2, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

The Marshmallow Challenge is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity. The task is simple: in eighteen minutes, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one metre of tape, one metre of string, and one marshmallow. The marshmallow needs to be on top. Marshmallow Challenge.Com

Here is the original TED Talk video from Tom Wujec-creator of the Marshmallow Challenge

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