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1L Blogging with K/1L from Merrylands East Public School

August 22, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

As part of our Thursday Minecraft literacy project this week students from 1L responded to a blog post from Asma, a student at Merrylands East Public School who has just started blogging with her K/1L class and teacher Mr Lee Hewes. They are also mad about Minecraft :) Firstly, Mrs Booth spoke about blogs and the class explored what their purpose was. Students’ then looked at our school blog to view all the visitors and countries where the visitors came from. The children were fascinated with all the different flags. Then a discussion about why it is important to publish our best work on a public blog ensued. Next, the class looked at K/L MEPS KOALAS Weebly (a brand of website) and clicked on the link to the Bodacious Bloggers. Student Asma had written a post titled Why I like Minecraft and 1L student pairs responded using quality commenting skills. Once they had written and had their comments checked they were able to submit them for moderation from Mr Hewes. Finally, the student pairs then went on to their class minecraft building project. It was an excellent literacy session and next week student pairs will be responding using their new quality commenting skills to more posts from the fantastic K/1L students at Merrylands East P.S. :)

Mrs Booth, Ms Leeson and Ms Jacobson :) :) :)

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Urban Planning Maths Project Stage 2

August 14, 2014 by · No Comments · Education


One of the major driving forces for the new syllabus was the need to design a curriculum with explicit inclusion of skills such as critical and creative thinking, ethical behaviour, personal and social competence or intercultural understanding, which prepare students for life and work in a complex technological driven world. Source: The Mathematical Bridge, Issue 1.

Twenty Stage 2 enrichment maths students are taking part in an urban design project with the support of Coffs Harbour City Council Strategic Planning Officer, Grahame Fry. A property zoned for redevelopment in the city centre has been identified and students will be working in groups to develop a proposal, plans and 3D model, using virtual technology, of their own design. Their final model and plans will be submitted to the strategic development department for approval. Students must comply with the council rules for building and today met with Mr Fry and 4th year UNE planning and design student Matt to go through the project criteria/specifics and then walk to the site. The students discovered that the area is prone to flooding, already limited in parking space and has a total land area of 1000 square metres. It also is home to native trees and wildlife. They can build up to the perimeter of the property but then have to consider height restrictions: Front: 0 metres; Sides: 0 metres; Back: 12 m if building is more than 20m high or 5m if building is 20 metres high or less. They also have to consider wheelchair access ramps that comply with the Australian Standards of a 1:14m gradient.

Ramp 1-14


Tactile ground surface indicators may also be needed for the visually impaired. The students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and their retention of information was fantastic. They are looking forward to working together and are also very fortunate to have Saxon’s parents to support them in class. Saxon’s mother is a garden designer so will be providing support with landscaping and garden design whilst his father will be helping students to develop skills in drawing up their plans correctly for submission.

Mrs Booth

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Severin Roesen – Still Life

August 7, 2014 by · 2 Comments · Education

Still Life with Fruit1L is learning all about healthy eating so we thought we would take inspiration from Severin Roesen. Severin was a famous still life painter from the 1800′s who loved to paint fruit! For more information about this interesting artist click here: Severin Roesen


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Refugee Week 1AM

August 7, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

Refugee Week

Coffs Harbour Public School has an extremely diverse student population who are all recognised for the wonderful individual strengths and culture they bring to our school. Our school recognises that ALL our students have the right to learn in a place that is nurturing, safe and provides them with challenges that equip them to be active participants in society and have their voice heard. We also acknowledge that all children in Australia have this right and are very thankful that we live in a country that celebrates and recognises the 54 Articles that makes up the Convention on the Rights of the Child. There are many children in the world who do not have their rights valued.

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NAIDOC Celebrations

June 26, 2014 by · 1 Comment · Education

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians. Source:

Today our school celebrated NAIDOC Week with a special assembly. It was wonderful to see our Elders and younger generation share stories with each other. A special Smoking Ceremony opened the festivities and the audience, alongside special guests Uncle Larry and Aunty Sue, were treated to some fabulous presentations from the students including a fantastic didgeridoo performance from PJ.

PJ plays the didgeridoo.


Maths Genius Hour Projects

June 22, 2014 by · 3 Comments · Education


Last Thursday, Mrs Booth’s stage 3 maths group (15 students) presented their ‘Genius Hour’ maths projects. Students’ had to turn a passion of theirs into a project making connections to maths. Students’ had 75 minutes each Thursday to work on their project with support from Mrs Booth. It was expected that time would also be spent on this project at home. They could  build, design, make,film or collect something, for example, and the delivery of their presentation was up to them. The project was challenging for a number of the students as they not only needed to make real world connections with maths but also manage their time well. Students completed reflections each week to help them identify the next step to be completed and where they were wasting their time most.The project topics presented were NRL (popular), cricket second test, Lego statistics, Minecraft maths challenge, how far Mario could jump in real life, artistic gymnastics and angles, fractions and the violin, general mathematics in games design, the impact of polygons, velocity and mass in console game design and finally Formula 1. Two students, who had worked extremely hard during the sessions, were unable to present and will be doing so in week 1 of term 2. Their topics were building a billy cart and cubby house…I cannot wait to see their presentations!

All students did very well and everyone asked if they could do another project next term :) This project was fantastic for allowing the students to work mathematically to synthesise and apply their maths knowledge in meaningful ways. They took ownership of their work and developed additional skills that will assist them to be productive learners in high school.

Here is a video from two of the presentations and Miranda takes us through the different fractions (notes) during the lunchtime Minecraft club session :)

Mrs Booth

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Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Visit

June 15, 2014 by · No Comments · Education


To deliver emergency medical and rescue helicopter services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, free of charge, whenever life is threatened. Source: Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter-Northern Region

What a fantastic afternoon our students’ had when the Westpac Life Saver Helicopter Service came to visit! The sun was shining and the weather perfect for landing on our school playing field. The crew held a Q & A session with the students and then they were able to view the helicopter up close. The media were there to take lots of photos and we even got to be on TV- NBN Coverage. This service is critical to the well-being and safety of visitors and residents in our region and is funded entirely by the community. The service has two helicopters which are soon to be retired and therefore need to purchase new ones at a cost of between 12-15 million dollars. That is a lot of fundraising! Let’s hope none of our school community will ever have to call upon the helicopter service  in an emergency situation but it is fantastic peace of mind to know that we all have access to such a vital service :)

Enjoy our video of the visit.

Did you spot the spelling error ‘rotar’… it is spelled ‘rotor’.

Mrs Booth


2B MinecraftEdu English Project

June 5, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

2B worked hard today to develop their skills in navigating a keyboard and mouse with two hands, whilst completing another Learning Zone activity in MinecraftEdu. This time students’ had to build a bridge across a lava pit without falling in. Afterwards they needed to recount their adventure and draw a diagram with labels in their English journals. This is an extremely busy and popular literacy session.

Mrs Booth and Mrs Butler

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North Coast Rugby League

May 15, 2014 by · No Comments · Education


On Friday 9th May Mr Pike had the privilege of taking away 3 talented rugby league players from Coffs Harbour Public School to Grafton to try out  for the North Coast Rugby League Team.  Malakhi, Mabior and Franklin (yellow jerseys) had previously been selected in not only the local district team, but also the Mid-North Coast team, which in itself is a tremendous accomplishment.

All three boys didn’t let themselves or our school down and fortunately Malakhi and Mabior were successful in being selected in the North Coast side. They will now travel to Lennox Head later this month to participate in a two day camp and then early in June they will travel to Cronulla to take part in the NSW State Rugby League tournament, where they will have the opportunity to be selected in the NSW U11’s Rugby League team. Congratulations boys and we all wish you luck in Cronulla!

Mr Pike

Here is a video some of the rugby boys helped put together this afternoon of training and PJ even performs the Maori Haka which is a signature game opener with the NZ All Blacks team. Afterwards the boys were shown a video of a 10 year old New Zealand boy who gets a big surprise from the All Blacks one morning at the breakfast table. They were very jealous of the paddock rugby field. We think there needs to be a Weetbix ad with the Wallabies too. At the end of the video the boys start comparing who eats the most Weetbix each morning ;)

It was great to get away from the computer and spend some time with these rugby mad boys!

Mrs Booth

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English as an additional language/dialect (EAL/D)

May 14, 2014 by · No Comments · Education

We are fortunate to have a number of EALD  students attend our school. These children come  with a rich cultural heritage and are from many countries including Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Thailand. We are able to offer these students smaller class sizes where the children participate in intensive English activities to develop skills in spelling, writing, reading and listening. Our main focus this term has been safety and health. Our small classes foster an environment of comfortable learning and one-on one interaction and our students learn more about our local culture, values and society.
A new interactive board has engaged all students in new and exciting activities geared according to their current level of understanding. Students also
have additional bilingual SLSO support in their mainstream classes.
Mrs Newton