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Courtesy & Honour – Principal:Leonie Buehler


Busy Bees in Year 2

Year 2 have started their STEAM journey with Miss Leeson, Mrs Anderson, Miss Freeman and Mrs Mifsud. They have been studying bees and finding out some interesting information about them. Through their studies the students are learning about the importance of failing forward! That all the very important learning happens when we fail and have to problem solve and get a sweaty brain to work our way out of the problem. It is wonderful to see such exciting and engaging learning happening in Year 2…Keep it up!


Lunch time fun!

Here are some pictures of CHPS students having fun on the playground!



Learning with Mrs Backhouse

Mrs Backhouse has joined the teaching team at Coffs Harbour Public School this year to support the learning of EALD students in K-2. She works hard to provide fun and engaging lessons…look at those smiling faces. Thanks Mrs Backhouse!


Marine Debris Challenge

Marine Debris Challenge from Belinda Leeson on Vimeo.


What’s happening in 3M…

This week in 3M we started STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) with Miss Leeson. Over the next six weeks the students will be observing the structural and behavioural characteristics of earthworms and designing and building a worm habitat or worm farm. The students started by exploring our soil and existing worm farms for earthworms. Next the students measured the worms in their relaxed and contracted states and completed some Maths questions relating to this. They investigated the worms using magnifying glasses which assisted the students in drawing a ‘scientific’ drawing of their worms. The students provided each other with constructive feedback during their drawing drafts which helped them to develop their drawings. During Visual Arts 3M participated in a directed drawing lesson of a worm. Lots of fun!



3H have been engaged in a STEAM challenge that was inspired by the Winter Olympics currently being held in PyeongChang. For this challenge the students had to design and build a snow skier statue out of aluminium foil that was able to stand up on skis (Popsicle sticks).

Students then had to race their skier down the ski slope (recycled box) and time their run from the top to the bottom and record this in a table. Some students had to adjust the positioning of their skier to ensure they were able to stay upright on the deep descent.

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable challenge that touched on many of the STEAM components Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.



Kinder Bus Safety Talk

On Monday the Kindergarten students participated in the Bus Safety Program. Sandra from NRMA and John from Busways engaged the students in detailed safety discussions and role plays. The students learnt the importance of bus safety and implemented their new knowledge during the bus ride around the local area. Kindergarten students are now allowed to catch the bus to and from school. Please inform your child’s teacher of their bus number so we can ensure they are in the correct bus lines. Your support with this is appreciated.

Mrs Duffy, Mrs Grimston and Mrs Ware


CHPS Swimming Carnival 2018

It was a busy week one but we managed to squeeze in a very fun and competitive swimming carnival. Everyone had a great day and we saw some wonderful results. There was a lot of house pride and cheering – it was excellent to see so much sportsmanship.


Rewards Day 2017

What all had a hoot at the pool on Wednesday. It was a lovely way to celebrate those students who always strive for excellent Attendance, Attitude and Achievement.



Design and Technology with 3/6F & 2/6J

This term our students have been busily designing and making new cooking aprons. Inspired by ‘upcycling’ pre loved items, the hard work that has been put in has produced some amazing results!


  1. Old jeans were used to cut out a pattern, and to also cut out a pocket.
  2. Measurement of scrap material lengths were taken and students chose their personal preference.
  3. Scrap material was folded and ironed carefully and then pinned onto the apron.
  4. Reposition cut out pocket on to the apron.
  5. Using a sewing machine, the material was attached as a trimming for the neck and waist ties.

Our ‘Masterchefs ’ can’t wait to wear their creations during weekly cooking lessons!


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