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Courtesy & Honour – Principal:Leonie Buehler

Minecraft Club / Village

May 4, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

In Minecraft Club I decided to make my own village. There are walls everywhere in my village to keep everyone safe. There are two beds for the villagers to share and a water fountain for them to drink at. They go out to the forest with diamond swords to catch their food.

By Tylah 3/6C

Minecraft Club / Ancient Egyptian Pyramid

May 4, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

In Minecraft Club we built an Ancient Egyptian pyramid. We learnt a lot about the pyramids during our lessons. Our favourite facts were:

• Over 130 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt.
• The first Egyptian pyramid is believed to be built around 4650 years ago.
• Egyptian Pyramids often contain multiple chambers and passages.
• Bodies placed in the tombs were preserved by mummification.

By Steven 4/5M and Marquille 3/6C

Minecraft Club / How an Elevator Works

May 4, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

During Minecraft Club Darnell and I researched and learnt how an elevator works before building our own. We learnt that:

• Most elevators work just like a pulley.
• A very strong metal cable that is joined to the top of the elevator car and goes up through a sheave in an engine room above the elevator.
• The sheave is like a pulley wheel with grooves in it to help hold the rope tightly.
• On the other side of the rope is a weight, which is as heavy as the elevator car when it is half full.
• This balances the car so that not too much energy is needed to move it.
• Both the weight and the elevator car are held in place by guide rails at both sides of the elevator shaft (the tunnel that the elevator is in).

By Rylie 5/6M and Darnell 4/5M

Minecraft Club / Car Safety

May 4, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

In Minecraft club we designed and built a series of roads to teach the road safety rules to younger students.

Our tips are:
– The driver must stop at any red light
– Always wear your seatbelt
– Before crossing the road look left and right, make sure it is safe before crossing
– Don’t disturb the driver while they are driving
– Cross the road at the zebra crossing or lights
– Hold an adults hand when crossing the road

By Gabriel 5/6B and Mustafa 5/6H

Australian Touch Football Team Visit

April 29, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

We had the pleasure of meeting the Australian Men’s Open and Over 35s Touch Football teams on Monday who are in town to compete in the FIT Touch World Cup. The teams were very gracious with their time and not only answered questions from students but also led a series of demonstrations and workshops for students to participate in. It was a real thrill for our students.

Touch World Cup from Mel Mulrooney on Vimeo.


April 29, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

Thank you to the many students who represented our school last Saturday in the ANZAC Day march and ceremony. It was fantastic to see over 40 students and many staff marching behind the CHPS banner. Thanks to our school leaders Tara Errington and Daniel Prendergast for laying the wreath and to Franklin Samburuma for releasing one of the 10 doves to commemorate 100 years since Gallipoli.

IMG 9545 from Mel Mulrooney on Vimeo.

Beach Party Disco

April 29, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

In term 1 all classes K-6 studied safety. As we live near the coast and spend a lot of time outside, a major focus was on sun safety! The student’s learnt how it is very important to follow the Cancer Council’s SunSmart message from Sid the Seagull of ‘Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide’.
To further support this message on Thursday the 26th March the disco committee held a spectacular ‘Beach Party’ disco. Funds were raised for Kirsty Payne to participate in the very important Melanoma March. Kirsty participated in the Sydney Melanoma March to raise awareness as she is all too aware that you can be affected by Melonama at any age. To date the wonderful cause has raised $ 432,419.40.
All of the students and staff had a fantastic night!!!

Beach Party Disco from Mel Mulrooney on Vimeo.

Harmony Day

April 29, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. It’s a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home.
At Coffs Harbour Public School this year we were extremely honoured as two of our students shared their own personal stories with the school. They spoke about the countries they have come from and their experiences so far living in Australia.
A fantastic day was had by all celebrating the schools diversity.

3/6C Haiku Poems

March 23, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

As part of their literacy learning 3/6C have been hard at work learning about syllables. They decided to showcase their talents by writing their own Haiku poems on a rainforest animal of their choice. Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry that follows a set structure of:

1st line – 5 syllables
2nd line – 7 syllables
3rd line – 5 syllables

Can you guess what animals we have written about?

Minecraft Club

March 16, 2015 by · No Comments · Education

In class this term we learnt about safety. My favourite topic was water safety so I decided to design and make a pool in our Monday afternoon Minecraft Club. I made the pool then added signs with safety messages so you can read them as you walk into the pool.

By Kaylee 3/6C