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Courtesy & Honour – Principal:Leonie Buehler


Wax Museum

As part of a HSIE cultural study this term Stage 3 students had to pick someone that has influenced or inspired them throughout their lives. They had to research and prepare a presentation to act out at the wax museum. The students looked absolutely wonderful dressed as their chosen influential person. Visitors, staff and students thoroughly enjoyed attending the wax museum and listening to the live presentations. Congratulations Stage 3!


Stage 3 Brisbane and Mount Tamborine Camp

Stage 3 students and staff were all very eager to set off on a fantastic trip to Brisbane and Mount Tambourine. As part of the HSIE unit ‘Colonisation of Australia’ students were given the opportunity to visit Parliament House or Old Government House. The students learnt about rules and laws, local government responsibilities and the decision making processes of government.

Whilst at Mount Tamborine adventure camp students participated in a range of fantastic group and team building activities. These included: raft building, mud assault course, predator and prey, mother earth night game and were also involved in making a bush camp. Students had a wonderful time and came back very happy campers!


Stage 2 Great Aussie Bush Camp

Stage 2 students and staff had a fabulous time at the Great Aussie Bush Camp. Students were eager to complete the many great activities at the camp. These included: archery, giant swing, orienteering, flying fox, beach BBQ, high ropes and rock climbing. They all made memories to last a lifetime!!!


Book Week

During book week students participated in a range of activities based on quality literature. They enjoyed sharing one of their favourite stories with a buddy during shared reading sessions.


Sailors with disABILITY

Sailors with disABILITY is a not for profit organisation committed to changing the way people with a disability regard themselves and changing society’s perception of the disabled. Sailors With disability provide free sailing and training programs for people with a disability and disadvantaged children, adults and their carers.

When you meet the team at Sailors With disABILITY you can see they enjoy what they do, and the opportunities and experiences they create for people with a disABILITY from all walks of life.

Sailors With disABILITY rely on a team of hard working volunteers and the generous support of our members and corporate sponsors to deliver their programs free of charge to the community.

Coffs Harbour Public school has been extremely fortunate to have accessed this opportunity over the past years. The children, their carers and their peers enjoy a wonderful shared experienced together. The opportunity to see whales and dolphins as well as steer the yacht, hoist the sails and bask in the sun.

The smiles and absolute enjoyment displayed on all the children’s faces is a sight to behold. An experience they have been able to share with their friends as part of our inclusive programs in the school.


KC Assembly Item

This term, in KC, we have been learning all about the weather in our world. We have learned how rain and snow occur, created our own weather symbols, watched the local news to check Coffs Harbour’s weather, written about our daily weather observations, made weather crafts, independently read weather books and sang an awesome rap song about the weather at our assembly. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have loved learning about the weather.

From KC and Miss Callinan


KB & KC – Mathematics Fun

Last week we were learning about volume and capacity. We participated in many hands on activities to find the capacity of different containers.

Miss Callinan had wide and tall containers and we had to estimate which one would hold more water. Then Miss Benning took us to the long jump pit and discovered that it took 74 cups of sand to fill drink bottle container. That’s a lot of counting for us.

We then explored different materials and estimated how many objects we will need to fill the capacity of various containers. We are learning how to ‘fit’ things in so there is no space in the container.

We used buttons to fill ice cream tubs, beads to fill cups, little bears to fill jugs and centicubes to fill circle containers.

We have enjoyed learning about volume and capacity, and our teachers think we are excellent learners.

KB – Miss Benning & KC – Miss Callinan



Last week Coffs Harbour Public School students, staff and community members celebrated NAIDOC week. It was very special to see students engaged in many activities celebrating Aboriginal culture. Thanks to Uncle Mark Flanders, Gloria Mercy and Sue Hoskins for sharing their knowledge and educating students. It was a lovely day and was great to see many families joining us for the celebrations.


Multicultural Day

Last term we enjoyed celebrating Multicultural Day with an assembly, parade and pop up stalls. We were thrilled to watch Yarob Haddad, a valued staff member, presented with the Humanitarian Awards 2015, Rural and Regional Award NSW Service for the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors. Mayor Denise Knight enjoyed being part of the day with our students.


Silly Socks Disco

The students and staff had a wonderful time at the Term 2 ‘Silly Socks’ Disco. They enjoyed showing of their dance moves and playing games with their friends.

Funds raised were donated to the Ronald McDonald Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids program. Medical treatments for children with serious illnesses can be difficult, painful and prolonged. Treatments result in children missing out on many months or even years of their schooling.

Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids helps raise funds for Ronald McDonald House SEQ and Ronald McDonald Learning Program so we can help more children with a serious illness get back on their feet.

The Silly Socks theme, with its vibrant colours, is symbolic of a brighter outlook for children with serious illnesses and is an opportunity to celebrate the hope of a happy, successful future. Coffs Harbour Public School students were very happy they could help support such a wonderful organisation.