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Courtesy & Honour – Principal:Leonie Buehler


Minecraft in 3/4M

Last term 3/4M learnt about Mini Worlds and Mini Beasts that you find within different environments. We had to research a variety of Mini Beasts and their environments. We then used the iPads to create them on Minecraft. We had a great time making our wonderful creations. We hope you like them!!!

Name of mini world: Red Back Spider
Name of creator: William
Challenges: I wouldn’t say anything was hard because nothing is a challenge on Minecraft when it comes to building well at least that’s my opinion.
Favourite part: I think had a lot of parts I liked but I would say my favourite part would be building the giant spider because I thought it was awesome.
Parts I did well: The easiest part would be building the big sign at the top of my mini world that said “spiders’ mini world’’.
How did I overcome my challenges: Like I said I didn’t have any so there was nothing I overcame.

Isaiha and I think our mini world looks amazing. Our Minecraft mini world was for more than one mini beast. The first thing we built was the spider. Second was the silverfish and third was the bee. Next were the caterpillar and then the butterfly. Lastly was the ant.

We chose this many mini beasts because it would fill up the world. It would also look like an actual mini beast world. What we like about using Minecraft was building the mini world and mini beasts and the background.
Isaiha and I didn’t really have that many challenges. The only challenge we had was about the silverfish. The silverfish was looking short so we put some iron bars around the silverfish and then it looked like a silverfish. Our favourite part was creating the mini beast and mini world.

By Musa and Isaiha

Wolf Spider

Amany and I are creating a mini world for a wolf spider. We chose it because it’s very delicate and dangerous. We liked using Minecraft because it’s very easy to craft Mother Nature. It was a challenge building the egg first then placing the spider. Our favourite part was building the cave.

By Amany and Tyler

What our mini world is about – Our mini world is about a bee. It took about 2 days to finish the bees and the hive took about 1 day to finish. The hive was full of bees working on the honey so they can eat what they make. The bees live near flowers then they take the pollen and transfer the pollen into honey. We overcame it by finally closing in the bee’s body. Our favourite part was when we got to finish the bee.

By Caleb, Louie and Steven

Mini World Name: Mini Beasts
What is the Mini World: Red Back Spider
What did I do well: I did the spider well and the rock and log.
Did I have any problems: Well, I did have a problem with the back of the back of the spider.
How did I overcome the problem: I fixed the problem by putting more blocks on the spider back and checked it.
Challenges: My first challenge was to build the log and rock in time.
Favourite part: My Favourite part was building the spider and the rock.
What are on the map: Red back spider, rock, log and Mini World sign.

By Zech

My Mini World is for a Hornet. I chose the Hornet because I knew nothing about the Hornet. I liked using Minecraft because it gave me a challenge. My challenge was building the hornets’ nest because a hornet’s nest is circular but in Minecraft everything is cubed. I overcame this challenge by making the hornets’ nest a long rectangle. My favourite part was building the hornets’ nest and getting help from my friends.

By Godson


Jay and myself made a Mini World about Spiders. We made a large spider but unfortunately it burned in a fire, at first we didn’t know why the Spider was burned but we talked to others in our class to get help. We made a home for spiders which was very easy for us to make. We loved making a Mini World for Spiders and the best part was to go back and look at the world we have created.

By Jay and Angel

We created a lady beetle, spider and bee hive in our mini world. The hardest thing to make was the bee hive because it is round. The easiest thing to make was the spider. We enjoyed making our mini world using Minecraft. Our favourite part was building the mini beast sign.

By Warren and Eligh


Music Count Us In

‘Music: Count Us In’ is Australia’s biggest school initiative, with 2,100 schools participating nationwide. It is a wonderful celebration in which more than half a million people unite to sing the same song at the same time, right across the country. We were extremely lucky to be part of such a wonderful event in which Ellianna took the extra initiative to learn the ‘Gold’ song in Auslan to perform while the whole school sang. It was truly amazing!


Spring Fun in 2M

2M loves Spring time and to celebrate we have been learning about a range of texts, topics and creative techniques.


Claymation in 3/4M

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have worked very hard making our Claymation. We chose to show the life cycle of a butterfly. Our group found most of the information that we needed through research using books from the library and the internet.

We found it very hard to work together to start with because we all had so many ideas that we wanted to use. We overcame this problem by letting each person choose one or two ideas that they wanted to use so no one was left out.

We learnt how to take many photos of our clay figurines and put them together to make a movie. We liked making all of the props and creating our movie.

By Afrah, Miesha and Quianna.


Claymation in 3/4M

The Splash!!

Our mini world is for a green tree frog. We chose this because it gave us a challenge. The challenge we had was making the clay figurine, the water splash and the colours for the background. We overcame this by mixing paints together and we kept rebuilding the frog and water splash effect until we were happy with them.

Our favourite part was taking the photos to create the movie. We like Claymation because we can create and build amazing things that look real.

By Levi, Porscha, Rogue and Sara


Claymation in 3/4M

Life of a Gecko

The mini world that we created was for a Gecko.

We chose to make this mini world because it is interesting and we wanted to learn more about Geckos. We had a lot of fun learning how to make our mini world.

We liked using Claymation because we learnt how to use it by ourselves. We enjoyed all the steps especially making the set and clay figures.

The challenge we had was making the clay figures and choosing the right way to do it. We overcome this by getting an understanding of how to model clay by practising and getting help from our group and teachers.

Our favourite part was making models with the clay and finishing the set ready for photos.

By April, Mikhaila and Paige 3/4M


Claymation in 3/4M

Our Journey through Claymation

What our mini world is:
We chose a honey bee.
Why we chose a honey bee:
We had to make a decision between a bee, lady beetle, butterfly or a snail. So we voted and came up with a honey bee.
What we liked about Claymation:
We like Claymation because we got to take photos and make the clay figures.
What challenges we went through:
Our challenges were trying to make our bee fly and making the bee hive.
How we overcame our challenges:
We overcame our challenge by asking Mrs Yvonne for some fishing line to tie our bee to fly across the backdrop and using paper for the hive.

By Harper, Sophie and Charlie 3/4M


Wax Museum

As part of a HSIE cultural study this term Stage 3 students had to pick someone that has influenced or inspired them throughout their lives. They had to research and prepare a presentation to act out at the wax museum. The students looked absolutely wonderful dressed as their chosen influential person. Visitors, staff and students thoroughly enjoyed attending the wax museum and listening to the live presentations. Congratulations Stage 3!


Stage 3 Brisbane and Mount Tamborine Camp

Stage 3 students and staff were all very eager to set off on a fantastic trip to Brisbane and Mount Tambourine. As part of the HSIE unit ‘Colonisation of Australia’ students were given the opportunity to visit Parliament House or Old Government House. The students learnt about rules and laws, local government responsibilities and the decision making processes of government.

Whilst at Mount Tamborine adventure camp students participated in a range of fantastic group and team building activities. These included: raft building, mud assault course, predator and prey, mother earth night game and were also involved in making a bush camp. Students had a wonderful time and came back very happy campers!


Stage 2 Great Aussie Bush Camp

Stage 2 students and staff had a fabulous time at the Great Aussie Bush Camp. Students were eager to complete the many great activities at the camp. These included: archery, giant swing, orienteering, flying fox, beach BBQ, high ropes and rock climbing. They all made memories to last a lifetime!!!